Established in 1996, BioForest specializes in innovative product development and consulting strategies for urban and commercial forest protection. In 2015, BioForest became a subsidiary of Lallemand Plant Care to oversee and develop its Forestry division. BioForest’s experienced and knowledgeable staff work with clients to create and implement effective pest management and forest health strategies for urban and commercial forests, municipalities, tree nurseries and more.

Lallemand Plant Care specializes in supplying biological plant protection, biostimulation and biofertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality. Biological plant protection utilizes nature’s own methods for the prevention of plant diseases and pests. Pathogens are controlled by their natural enemies – microbes isolated from nature. Insect pests are controlled with botanical insecticides. Biostimulation is another method used to improve plant resistance to disease and stress and to stimulate natural processes to improve yield and crop quality.

Lallemand Plant Care / BioForest purpose is to save trees from insect pests and diseases, while having minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Using a science based approach, Lallemand Plant Care / BioForest is committed to implementing effective pest management and forest health strategies.