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Creating and Sustaining Healthy Tree Canopies

BioForest provides innovative product development and consulting strategies for tree care professionals, including urban forest, tree nursery, and commercial woodlot specialists. Our purpose is to save trees from insect pests and diseases while having minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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Bioforest Ask an Expert
Ask an Expert

Talk to a technical specialist about your unique pest or pathogen problem. We can help you assess potential risks and recommend products that can improve your plant health care program.

Bioforest Identifying & Monitoring
Identifying & Monitoring

Identifying and monitoring pests and pathogens is an important step in your Integrated Pest Management program. We can help you determine where your financial and product resources are best utilized.

Bioforest Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

From tree nurseries to urban forests and commercial woodlots, we are dedicated to solving challenges through ongoing support with your own dedicated technical specialist.


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How We Help - Urban Forest Health Services

Urban trees provide numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits to a community. In an urban environment, trees deal with an incredible amount of stress that can compromise their health and overall value. Having a strong forest health program helps detect changes in a community’s urban canopy and allows for proactive management.

i-Tree Analysis

The i-Tree software suite, developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service and partners, quantifies urban forest attributes and assesses the economic, environmental and social benefits an urban forest provides to a community. i-Tree helps forest managers make informed de...


Pest Detection Surveys & Support

Early detection of insect and disease pests, and particularly invasive species, is of the utmost importance when conserving tree canopy. BioForest uses the most current survey methodologies to gather data for early detection, population monitoring, forecasting future population levels and population d...


Community Involvement and Education Programs

Community awareness, engagement and education play an important role in conserving urban canopy. BioForest designs and coordinates volunteer programs that provide citizens with education, training and tools to help assess street trees in their community. Volunteers aid in early detection of threats to...