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Jack Pine Budworm Decision Support System

Jack pine budworm (JPBW) is the most destructive forest pest affecting Ontario’s jack pine resource. To effectively manage JPBW, BioForest with assistance from various collaborators has been developing a Jack Pine Budworm Decision Support System (JPBWDSS) since 2000.

In 2000, a JPBW literature review was completed; an analysis of the Spruce Budworm Decision Support System (SBWDSS) framework was undertaken; and some preliminary analyses were performed. However, the development of a JPBWDSS, under the SBWDSS framework, was limited by the lack of data and attempts were made to find additional data sources.

In 2003, the JPBWDSS project was renewed with the understanding that, while limited, the best available data would be used to build a prototype JPBWDSS. Domtar’s Spanish Forest Management Unit was used to demonstrate the JPBWDSS prototype under various outbreak scenarios.

In 2005, with the onset of a JPBW outbreak in Ontario, a study of JPBW defoliation damage and associated tree / stand level impacts began. The study's goal was to collect data necessary to improve JPBWDSS prototype so as to enhance pest management, forest productivity, and forest sustainability. The study's objectives were to evaluate JPBW related damage, formulate relationships between damage and tree / stand level impacts, and determine if these relationships are influenced by stand type. To accomplish this, plots were established and assessed in Ontario, over a matrix of different stand types, categorized by: age, jack pine composition, and site. 144 plots have been established and assessed annually in northeastern and northwestern Ontario since 2005. Study of long-term impacts and recovery are underway and will continue through 2013, when destructive sampling of select trees and growth loss analyses are planned.

In 2009, based on knowledge gained to date, a JPBWDSS Tutorial was developed to help students and forest professionals understand JPBWDSS concepts and potential management benefits.

The JPBWDSS Tutorial and online reports and resources may be obtained by the links below.


Online Reports

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